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It's Christmas, or was.... atleast four days ago.

Look, so this account is pretty dead.

I'm planning on closing it at some point, when I get around to it. 

It's been a fun run.
Yes, my hand just doesn't want to do it.

Has this ever happened to someone.

You stop drawing for so long, that when you come back, your brain just has nothing.
I seem to have fallen off the wagon.
-Tries to stretch out in my kitchen;

-Punches the celing and hits a light.

I am too tall for this world.
The final numbers are in denoting the winning theme of our first audience chosen film short for the month of September.

After tallying votes submitted to the journal an onto the online FB polls the Winner is "Young Boy mistaking Puberty for a Deadly Disease." [6 votes]

Second was "All Male Sex Hot line get rich quick scheme" [3 votes]

Last was "Curiosity; not just another space rover." [0 votes]

With that out of the way Colourpuzzle, our production team, will begin working on this short to be finished by this months end.

After it is released we will open up for suggestions of topics for Octobers short.

Thanks for playing everyone.
Hey everyone I'm here to share the scope on my film team's latest project.

We are proposing a viewer submitted contest every month. Where everyone is allowed to submit ideas for a film short. It will be produced by the end of the month.

The idea submissions are closed but what we need to do now is vote. Which is where you all come in.

Our three topics for September.

:bulletred: -A young boy mistakes entering puberty for being a deadly disease.
:bulletred: -Curiosity: More than just a space vehicle
:bulletred: -A group of guys try to make money by starting a sex hotline. And everything goes wrong.

You can vote for any of these ideas in the comment section.

For the month of October i'll prompt you all to post ideas for our short.
I've come home.
Time to get to work.

Happy 20,000 page views time to earn some more.
I've been away and I haven't posted anything because I have nothing to post.

I'd explain more but i'm just having a tough time with my art right now, so i put it down.
I'll be back again eventually, just need to find a new way.

Till Then,
See ya around space cowboy.
and that is a good thing.

I've damn-near killed my self through perfectionist tenancies and over-sized ideas.

Consistency is the key. Consistency is the key. Consistency is the key.
Would someone be so kind as to update me on the big fandoms going on right now.

I seem to have fallen out of the loop with what is "in and out" these days.

I'd also like you hear about the current fandoms you'all are into as of now.

Feel Free.
I need a favor my Bros and Bronitas.

I'm in the market of potentially getting some prints of humanized Original Characters made.
So who are some go to artists for humanization of cartoons?
I can't seem to find ...

Wait... what the fuck is this... Cat take over of deviant art...…

um.... cool?

But i can't draw cats.... shit i must leave to take pictures!

So my only set of wheels are going to be sent to the big junkyard in the sky.
This is the result of an accident I was involved in a few weeks ago.

No one was hurt, thank god.

Otherwise my life and commute to college have been made worse, due to my now established dependence on public bus and trains to get to school in philly.

Two Bus + Train = roughly a two hour one way trip to school = Fun times.


I have a finished film project of mine online.
It seems that Edd Gould of the popular Flash Channel Eddsworld passed way this past sunday.

He will be missed.…
I gotta thank you guys for all the lots you've been sending me regarding my few bits of photography.

I'm glad you enjoy it so much.

I'll be working on photo and film projects all the rest of this semester, be on the look out for new ones.
Aggressively tagged by :iconremlit-kitten: (she beat me up and made me do it) ;0

The Rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

Facts about myself:
1. I sing in a made-up language when i'm alone.
2. I am a martial arts assistant teacher.
3. I used to know Spanish, but chose to forget it.
4. I once raised a large crayfish which later would escape from my house.
5. My lucid dreams are so realistic i often find myself half-awake in the morning believing the dream was real.

1)PC or Console?

:bulletyellow: The Arcade is where my love has always been. PC otherwise.

2)Have You ever read a creepypasta?

:bulletyellow: Yeah, i've seen some shit. :iconohfuckplz:

3)Continuing from 2), if so , whats your favorite?

:bulletyellow: Oh man, it's been a while, but sucide micky is the only one i remember. It was feh.

4)What the easiest thing you can draw?

:bulletyellow: Clawed hands are something I've been drawing for like ever. Curves and sharp angles are just very interesting to me.

5)Likewise, what is the most difficult thing for you to draw?

:bulletyellow: Feet and real animals prove to be pains in the ass. I can't really draw anything without grief.


:bulletyellow: Dubstep can either be really good or just unbearable. I mean skrillex has some abilities but I really like the independent stuff by Adventure club and others.


:bulletyellow: Poptarts are tasty. NOM NOM NOM

8)Can you tell Im running out of ideas?

:bulletyellow: Kinda, Artistic block happens to all of us. You just need a change in pace.

9)What is the meaning of life to you?

:bulletyellow: Passions of life come before passions of love. I am driven by personal passions and want to fulfill them, within reason. All the while maintaining my humanity and a humble nature is wise.

10)DO you think "Pudding" is an odd answer choice for 9)?

:bulletyellow: Not an odd answer if it can be explained.

11)Are you hungry for some pudding :>

:bulletyellow: My fridge is filled with pudding, but i don't want any.

:bulletred: tagging - :iconhinapouri: ; :iconryytikki: ; :iconlazy-spoon: and :iconspacewaffledelivery:

Anyone else interested, message me for questions.
One movie is now down and in the can.

I can now resume working on my second project which will be completed and online by friday night.
Opera House is turning into a beautiful movie and I very much am enjoying watching actors become Rouse and the ID.

We are shooting more tonight and I'm looking forward to it very much so.

How are you all holding up?
Hello everyone. It is good to write to you all again after such a long while.

Now let us get down to business.

As most of you know I am a film major and I've just transferred into Temple University this year.
I have been working toward my Bachelors and as a result my free time as been shrinking up often.

Most of my time is going toward working on film projects for classes and assignments.
I've already completed two films in this month.

I currently working on getting out another 5 minute film for my midterm. Before the second week of march.
The topic? {Opera House} Hell yeah. A short spin off from the original stories. Casting is taking place now and production will begin within 6 days.

Also in that time i'm entering a film festival competition this week. The object is to make a five-minute film in five days to win 500 bucks.

So i've got a lot on my hands, as I'm sure many of you do at this time of the year.

But the second reason I'm posting this journal is, to reassure you all that i have not given up on art, but rather, I just don't have any time to work on it. Hang in there with me as i'll be sending my films your way. So that can suffice.

On an honest side note, art lately has just been both a very difficult thing and very poorly rewarding effort. While film is something I find myself desiring to a greater degree. It just seems to be where my heart lives these days. Again, i'm not giving up on art, just.... easing off for a while.

I just wanted to send you all some love and wish me some luck. Peace
I'm sitting here watching doctor who and facebook craps out on me.

Just when i wanted to talk to all my people it goes to poo.

Now i don't know what to do with myself, dammit
I just got home from a Winter Vacation in Orlando, Florida.

Saw Disney World and a good helping of the rides and attractions, however...
It seems my family and I went at the busiest time of the year.

On Monday and Tuesday the crowds were fine and we got to see some stuff.

But on Wednesday.....

:bulletred: There were children pouring out of the stores and rides.
:bulletgreen: They shut down Magic Kingdom after reaching over capacity, which is 76,000+ people.
:bulletblue: Ride wait times climbed as high as 160 minutes.

I mean seriously it was like a market in central India over there.

Don't get me wrong, I really did have a great time.

I got to be in the park after hours and ride some rides at 1 am.
That was worth it. To be 1 of about 800 people left in a disney park.

So good...

Just learn from my mistake and if you ever plan on going to Disney World or any major theme park in the south east; Never go after Christmas.